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Merry Between

Merry Between is the brain child of Between-the best app
for couples. Its main characters are adored by more than
20 million Between users worldwide.
Let's meet the characters of Merry Between!

Lovely Rabbit Merry

She's so lovely and sweet, she'll melt your heart.
She seems to be on an exclusive diet of carrots,
but she's clearly not seeing the results.
Merry is a lovable chubster.

Romantic Puppy Milk

Milk is Merry's puppy. He's a romantic sweetheart.
Since he doesn't have a tail,
he expresses his love with his entire body.
He can't ever hide his feelings in front of Merry.

Mini Chewy Mochi

Mochi is a stickey rice cake.
The Mochi couple is always stuck together in a close embrace.
Everyone wants to cuddle a Mochi.
You can try touching them too :)

Chic Bear Gray

A bear of few words, Gray can never find the way
to truly describe how adorable Ivy is.
Whether she has makeup on or not,
Gray is a hopeless bear in love.

Cutie Sexy Ivy

Ivy is a lovable cat adored by everyone.
She loves her small eyes. Sometimes, she wants to feel sexy
so she puts on makeup to look the part.
But no matter how much makeup she puts on,
she still can't hide her cute side.

Adorable butts Robin egg

When two Robin Eggs meet each other,
their bodies run hot with a fever of love.
When they get too hot, they take off their shells.
They still carry enough decency to cover the important bits, though.